Chronic FatiGUe Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Discovery of PathoGENEIC ViRAL MOLECULAR mimicries

The disease has been linked to aberrant immune responses to human proteins that have similar molecular characteristics to microbial proteins - the so-called molecular mimicry. In this project, we aim at identifying viral proteins that have such mimicries with human proteins related to the regulation of the circadian rhythm.


The diagnosis of ME/CFS is problematic due to the absence of an objective biomarker. Our goal is to know whether specific antibodies against the Epstein-Barr virus can be used for disease diagnosis.

Regulatory T cells and AUTOIMMUNITY HYPOTHEsis of ME/CFS

The function of the immune system is impaired in ME/CFS patients. In this project, we intend to investigate the role of regulatory CD4+ T cells, which are key players of the immune system in the control of immune responses against self-proteins.